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Investing in a Greener Future with

Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture in East Africa

At ForestFoods, we are revolutionizing agriculture through innovative, regenerative and
sustainable practices. Since 2022, we have been committed to regenerating landscapes, enhancing food security, and creating a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities.

Join us in our mission to build a resilient and prosperous future.

Money CAN grow on trees!


Let's rebuild Africa's forests and food systems together.

ForestFoods Impact Metrics

Agroecology score-01.png


B Act Agroecology Score

Trees planted-01.png


Trees Planted

Organic matter-01.png


Soil organic matter per hectare per annum

water consumption-01.png

25% Less

Water irrigation per hectare per annum

female employment-01.png


Female Employment

youth employment-01.png


Youth Employment

Key Achievements

Not just regenerative,
but profitable!

We have created an opportunity for smaller and larger investors.

Become an Inclusive Investor

Join our current class of small investors to own a piece
of ForestFoods and become transformative for
domestic, regional and continental efforts. 

To join the cohort of small investors, our trusted investment partner, Pumapa Capital, will expertly manage your investment into ForestFoods.

Become a Gold Investor

Join our current class of larger investors to have a seat
at our cap table and become transformative for
domestic, regional and continental efforts.

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