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Syntropic Agroforestry in Kenya

Africa's pioneers in Syntropic Agroforestry. We grow the world's best food on next generation farms that recreate the natural world and supply abundance for the future

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Premium Free Range Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs Nairobi

About ForestFoods


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At ForestFoods we deliver clean, naturally grown produce that is transparent, traceable, consistent and premium quality

Fmaily Farm Tours in Nairobi ForestFoods Farm Tours

We invite you to come see how your produce is grown

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"Working with ForestFoods means that we can guarantee our customers great quality, nutrient-dense, fruit & vegetables, whilst knowing that we are supporting a new method of farming that not only regenerates planet earth, but actually goes a long way to improving soil quality. At Greenspoon, we are proud to be a ForestFoods partner, and look forward to working together through the future."

Juliet Kennedy

 Founder and CMO

Greenspoon Kenya

Follow the journey!


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