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How We Farm

Regenerative Farming and Syntropic Agroforestry 

Our modular agroforestry approach to farming integrates crops, forestry, fodder, and livestock in small to medium scale farms to simplify the value chain, recreate natural environments, and produce the highest quality food for Africans by Africans. Agroforestry has been practiced in Brazil for decades with great success and serves as the basis for the ForestFoods model here in East Africa. 


At ForestFoods we are redefining the symbiosis between responsible farming and forestry. Our Syntropic Agroforestry practices address worldwide dilemmas like climate change, better job stability for farmers, and improving food security in Africa. Our four core beliefs are: transparency, traceability, consistency and quality. These beliefs coupled with our Syntropic Agroforestry farming methods are what drives us to be able to provide you with naturally grown, nutrient dense farm fresh produce that is traceable, consistent and of premium quality. 


A Reconciliation of Nature, Agriculture, and Business

Through our many years working with farmers across Africa’s diverse agro-ecological landscapes, we have developed a unique model which brings syntropic agriculture to any size farm. Our modular approach creates repeatable segments of premium quality farmland that small and medium-size land owners can use to scale to a size that is right for them. We believe all farmers, not just corporate industry, should be able to participate and profit in this agricultural revolution!

Core Objectives


Beyond sustainable and organic, creating abundance

Our way of growing mimics Natural Succession - the tendency for nature to rehabilitate land, taking it from barren to fertile and densely vegetated with a highly organised combination of fruits, nuts, vegetables, timber, and livestock in the same production area. By doing this, we stimulate biodiversity, which is vital to maintaining the soil quality responsible for nutritious food as well as preserve and recreate ecosystems that other farming methods tend to destroy.

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