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Regenerative Farming & Syntropic Agforestry


Syntropic Agroforestry mimics Natural Succession - the tendency for nature to rehabilitate land, taking it from barren to fertile and densely vegetated with a highly organised combination of fruits, nuts, vegetables, timber, and livestock in the same production area. By doing this, we stimulate biodiversity, which is vital to maintaining the soil quality responsible for nutritious food as well as preserve and recreate ecosystems that other farming methods tend to destroy.

With these practices, we go beyond sustainable and organic to create abundance!

10 year production cycle

The natural cycle of Agroforestry production is not just good for the land over many decades, but it also produces a variety of high-value agricultural products on a 10 year cycle.

10 stage cycle. 1 White.png
successive agroforestry vs conventional agriculture
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