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Our Impact

ForestFoods is dedicated to regenerative farming through Syntropic Agroforestry, enhancing soil health, biodiversity, and reducing carbon emissions. Our impact metrics showcase our commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability.


We empower communities with fair wages, safe working conditions, and local farmer support through training programs. Our high-quality, organically grown produce meets market demand, ensuring fair pricing and consistent supply. Key metrics include reductions in carbon footprint, soil health improvements, employee satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Impact Metrics

Trees planted-01.png


Trees Planted

youth employment-01.png


Youth Employment

Organic matter-01.png


Soil organic matter per hectare per annum

waaste into compost-01.png

25 Tonnes

Post - Harvest Waste

converted into

water consumption-01.png

25% Less

Water irrigation per hectare per annum



Biomass Created

female employment-01.png


Female Employment

Agroecology score-01.png


B Act Agroecology Score

12 Tonnes

Biocomplete Compost

Standard Development Goals

We have scored 100% in the following Sustainable Development Goals:

1 No Pverty-01.png
3 Good Health-01.png
6 Clean water -01.png
8 decent work-01.png
10 inequalities-01.png
11 sustainable cities-01.png
13 climate action-01.png
14 life below water-01.png
15 life on land-01.png
16 peace -01.png
17 partnerships-01.png
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