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ForestFoods Farms

The ForestFoods farms are strategically set up across Kenya's different agro-ecological zones to ensure diversity in our growing systems


ForestFoods Limuru

Location: Brackenhurst, Limuru, Kenya 

Size: 0.85 Ha

Elevation: 2,240 MAS

Date Established: April 2022 

ForestFoods Tatu City

Location: Tatu City, Kiambu, Kenya 

Size: 1 Ha expanding to 3.5 Ha over 1-2 years) 

Elevation: 1,569 MAS

Date Established: January 2023


(ForestFoods Pilot Farm) 

Location: Maritati, Mt.Kenya Region, Kenya 

Size: 0.24 Ha

Elevation: 2,424 MAS

Date Established: May 2019

ForestFoods Shimba Hills
Next Farm 

Location: Shimba Hills, Kwale County, Kenya 

Size: 10 Ha

Altitude: 200 MAS

Date Established: Coming soon

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