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How to RE-use and Recycle our Carton Boxes

Updated: Apr 26

At ForestFoods, protecting our environment is at the heart of everything we do. Hereby we have carefully selected the packaging that holds our premium fresh produce to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here we will show you how you can Re-use and Recycle the cardboard boxes that your produce came in.

Tip 1 - Small plant beds and home for our seedlings

Re using cardboard boxes
Source: Birds&Blooms

The ForestFoods cardboard boxes are sturdy enough to re-use as plant beds on your window seal or our in your garden. If you have any plastic that you would like to re-use, here is a good place to start! You can line the box with these plastics so that your box lasts longer. Make sure to poke holes into the plastic for drainage.

If you have a home nursery these boxes make for a great cosy home for our baby seedlings. If you also want to re-use your cardboard toilet rolls, you can place these inside the ForestFoods box and pack them in tight to minimise movement. Fill the rolls with healthy soil and pop the baby seedling into it's new cosy home.

Tip 2 - Away with you weeds in my garden!

Source: Gardening Know How

We love cardboard for it's sturdiness and also for its compostable properties. It makes for a great natural weed killer in your garden! Dismantle the ForestFoods cardboard box and lay it flat on the weed-prone area of your garden. Now water the cardboard heavily and cover it with healthy soil and mulch to let the cardboard be a bit more camouflaged in your garden. The thickness of the cardboard will clock the sun from letting the weeds grow and sprout! Now let the magic happen!

Tip 3 - Recycle the cardboard box and turn it into a painting palette

Source: Bob Vila

Dismantle the ForestFoods cardboard box and lay it flat on a surface. Decide how big you want your paint palette to be and draw the palette shape with a market or pencil. Make sure to also mark where you want your thumb hole to be. Use a good pair of scissors and cut out your palette shape. You have now recycled your box and used it for your creative talent!

Tip 4 - Compost the cardboard boxes into your garden

If you have never done any home composting, now is a great time to start! Home composting is a great family activity that allows you to use your waste from your kitchen and garden and turn it into pure goodness for your home soils.

Plenty more DIY ways to Re-Use and Recycle the ForestFoods cardboard box

There are plenty more amazing blogs online that can guide and help you on how to recycle and re-use cardboard boxes. A few of these sources include: Birds&Blooms, Gardening Know How, Berns

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